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BB&T Corporation, headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC, is a fast growing, highly profitable financial holding company.

The BB&T operating strategy is unique in that each banking subsidiary is organized as a group of community banks, each with a regional president. This allows us to provide world standard client service because the majority of all decisions are made locally, close to our clients.

Investment Characteristics

  • Excellent asset quality relative to BB&T peers
  • Attractive banking franchise in 15 states and Washington, D.C. with over 2,000 financial centers
  • Superior dividend yield
  • Excellent revenue growth

Investment Facts

  • As of March 31, 2018, BB&T Corporation is one of the largest U.S. financial services holding companies, with $220.7 billion in assets and market capitalization of approximately $40.6 billion.
  • BB&T has paid a cash dividend to shareholders every year since 1903.
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